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Cosmetic Dental Procedures - Kennewick, WA

Enhancing the look of your smile is possible with innovative cosmetic dentistry procedures at our Tri-Cities dental practice. The dentists at Henager Black Dentistry are meticulous in their approach to cosmetic services. We offer customizable restorations and focus on the whiteness of your smile; we want only the best for our patients. We provide treatment in an environment of caring that results in stunning smiles. 

Cosmetic Dental Services

We provide treatment options for patients looking to repair chipped or broken teeth or replace missing teeth with their smile. These treatments instill confidence and can be used to strengthen the health of teeth. We have an on-site lab and amazing technicians that customize your restoration to the color and shape desired. 

Our cosmetic dental procedures include: 

Composite Fillings – Unlike silver or amalgam fillings, composite fillings are a white and blends in with the rest of your natural tooth. This type of filling bonds directly to the tooth and requires less drilling.
Porcelain Crowns – Patients looking to protect, restore, or cover a severely damaged tooth find that all porcelain crowns are a great option for a seamless restoration. They are created to match the color, shade, and size of your original tooth. 

Porcelain Fixed Bridges – Used to replace one or more missing teeth, a porcelain bridge utilizes aesthetically pleasing materials to restore your smile. Bridges are supported by natural teeth, which act as an anchor for the false tooth. 

Porcelain Veneers – These custom made shells of porcelain improve the appearance of your tooth by altering the size, length, color, and shape. If you have misaligned, uneven, discolored, or broken and worn teeth, porcelain veneers address these imperfections while mimicking the look and sheen of natural teeth. 

Teeth Whitening – For teeth discolored due to stains from foods and drink, patients can receive teeth whitening treatment at our Kennewick dental practice. We utilize Venus, which is a dentist supervised teeth whitening product that utilizes custom trays for a patient controlled, at-home treatment experience.
Invisalign® - For misaligned, crooked, or unevenly spaced teeth, this aesthetically pleasing treatment gives you the convenience of removability. Our Kennewick dentists offer Invisalign® for patients who never had braces as children or who need treatment for teeth alignment relapse. 

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