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Treats wrinkles, migraines & TMJ disorders

FDA approved Botox & Xeomin temporarily paralyzes facial muscles in order to reduce (dynamic) wrinkles and/or treat conditions such as migraines and TMJ disorders.

  • Wrinkles: forehead lines, frown lines, crow's feet

  • Aesthetics: gummy smile, lip flip, slimmer facial appearance

  • Longevity: 3-6 months

  • Duration of appt: 30 min

Botox Injection
Botox & Fillers: Our Services


All FDA approved

Fillers use hyaluronic acid (dermal filler) and collagen (facial filler) to create volume in the lips.

  • Products available: Juvederm XC or Revanesse Versa+

  • Results are immediate, but can take a few weeks to settle

  • Longevity: 6-12 months

  • Duration of appt: 30-45 min

  • Price: $600 syringe

Woman Having Lip Botox
Botox & Fillers: Our Services
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Botox & Fillers: Pro Gallery
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