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Thanksgiving Foods That Can Discolor Your Teeth

Few holidays embody being grateful for what you have more than Thanksgiving! As you and your family sit down to eat, it’s important to consider everything we take for granted in our lives, not least of which is good dental health. Yet Henager Black Dentistry wants to remind you that many of the holiday’s most popular foods can threaten your teeth in a number of ways, including by discoloring them. This year, protect your teeth from the many sources of Thanksgiving stains.


Every family celebrates Thanksgiving differently in Kennewick, but there are some common Thanksgiving staples.

Many of these foods have dark, strong hues that can discolor your teeth, including:

If you’re eager to keep your teeth healthy but can’t bear to give up these Thanksgiving staples, worry not. You can still have a delicious and full meal without sacrificing your clear, bright smile. The simplest way Dr. Black and Dr. Henager recommend to do this is by drinking lots of water and swirl some of that water in your mouth periodically while eating these colorful foods. This washes most of the sugar and acid out of your mouth, preventing them from penetrating the enamel and changing the color for good.

It also makes sense to limit the sheer number of these foods you eat. You don’t have to give up your favorite foods, but if a discoloring food isn’t your favorite, it makes sense to skip it.

No matter how careful you are about avoiding discoloring foods and rinsing your mouth with water, there is always some risk that your teeth will be stained. When this happens, we’re happy to provide professional tooth whitening treatments, along with a range of other services to promote dental health and beauty.

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